@Twinning Music and Dances

Anno scolastico 2022/2023




21 Giugno 2023

Descrizione del progetto


In this project, students will explore the music, typical dances, traditions, costumes, legends, celebrations, historical monuments… of a particular country.

In each of the disciplines/subject areas, students, individually or in work groups, carry out research work and collect information on that country, producing different works related to the theme “Music and Dance in the World”.

Throughout the school year, the works will be displayed on the school’s bulletin boards, on the group’s social network, on the school radio, on the group’s page and on the official eTwinning page.

Choreographies, videos and games will also be created, alluding to each country, which will be presented to the educational community at the end of the school year, as well as all the works carried out throughout the school year, namely: costumes, traditions, monuments, gastronomy…



This project aims to: develop different literacies in students and teachers; encourage the use of technologies and learning experiences in a work dynamic in the classroom; make known the culture, legends, traditions, trajectories and gastronomy of a country; develop oral and written communication; between others.

Through collaborative work, project methodology, and practical activities, school partners will:

·         Develop key 21st-century skills and competencies;

·         Enhance active and collaborative teaching and learning methodologies;

·         Improve foreign language skills;

·         Increase pupils’ autonomy and responsibility;

·         Promote academic success.








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