Stop and spot emotional school drop out

Anno scolastico 2022/2023




21 Giugno 2023

Descrizione del progetto

This project was carried out in order to define Emotional School Dropout (ESD), which isn’t recognized enough, hasn’t been defined before, measuring tools of which hasn’t been developed yet but indeed is a very common problem. We find vital to conduct this project in terms of both subject and methodology since it wasn’t studied in any Erasmus Project before. Although low school belonging and absenteeism are considered as separate subjects in the literature, these concepts are intertwined and successive cases. But in the conducted researches, there is an undetected case: ESD. With the observations of the teachers, interviews with students, the data we obtained about school attendance and success, We noticed that some students have Emotional School Dropout syndromes. ESD isn’t a defined term in books and articles, so we came up with the idea of ESD and defined it. Although the student are physically attending school, they feel out of school emotionally with a complete disintegration from school. This is more advanced than low belonging and is the precursor of absenteeism. Students who has ESD syndrome, physically attend school due to certain requirements (family-laws-the force of society)but when they have the opportunity, they play truant. In the long term, this situation may result in the early school leaving. However, it should be noted that not every absence isn’t caused by ESD.




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