Castles beside and inside us

Anno scolastico 2023/2024

Short description This work plan has as its main axes local history, mental resilience and volunteering.



dal 1 Gennaio 2024 al 31 Dicembre 2024

Descrizione del progetto

This work plan has as its main axes local history, mental resilience and volunteering. The activities are developed alternately: for each aspect of their castle that the students study, they are guided by the teachers in an activity of an emotional nature through which they discover themselves and build aspects of themselves that will help them in their mental health.

The basic idea is developed in the approach of the local history and the parallelism of the castle towers with the internal “towers” of each person. In addition, the latter activities involve students actively with the local community through volunteering activities.
The students of the partnering schools study the castles of their area, creating collections of local history in all forms (texts, photos, videos, recordings) and at the same time they are involved in co-produced projects of a more personal nature such as advice podcasts, story telling, concept brainstorming, digital museum from personal works of art etc.


Key competences: Cultural awareness and expression,Personal, social and learning to learn

AimsMore general objectives:
• To develop cooperative and communication skills through group activities.
• Strengthen positive emotions, e.g. love for their country and national consciousness, disposition for peaceful coexistence, cooperation and mutual understanding with neighboring peoples and with other peoples belonging to the world community.
• To improve the image they have of themselves, strengthening their self-esteem and confidence in their strengths.
• To be able to recognize their emotions, improve their ability to manage and cultivate the ability of empathy.
• To improve their skills in using a PC and in using the internet and web2.0 tools.
• To use Information and Communication Technologies to study the historical past.
• To get to know the cultural and national heritage and to develop a positive attitude towards its preservation.

In collaborazione con

English, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Turkish


Subjects : History, Informatics / ICT, Psychology

Languages: English, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Turkish

Number of pupils: 50-100

Ages taught from: 11
Ages taught to: 12